Why Use a Consultant?

Typically, persons wanting to invest in collector cars ask their friends or neighbors for advice or just buy the car they had when they were in their teens or in college. To make sound investments, one needs an objective approach by a skilled auto investor to assure maximum potential as to each vehicle purchased. Usually, when your friends tell you that a particular year of type of auto is the best one to buy, it's too late!

By this time, the market for this vehicle has already peaked or you might have identified the right auto, but the wrong year or model. Just as in the case of investing in a particular stock, you don't wait until the mailman and everyone on the street tells you to buy into Wal-Mart. It's too late!

It is imperative that you have the means and ability to be several years ahead of the peak markets. You can take the time, research, study, and years of experience to accomplish this or you can take advantage of the personal services of Classic Car Consultants to achieve your investment and ownership goals.

Why Use Classic Car Consultants?

Classic Car Consultants can personally guide you through a successful transaction...whether you are buying or selling one vehicle or an entire collection. Classic's professional consultants are avid automobile enthusiasts just like you. We attend and participate in dozens of collector automotive events throughout the year, and our passion for cars includes collecting, restoring, showing, and driving collector cars.

Classic's consultants have extensive experience in appraisals, value forecasting, trend research, buying and selling, and auction assistance. But, most important, Classic Car Consultants can negotiate the "deal" for you, maximizing your purchase and allowing your auto investment to exceed the rate yielded by typical stock market investments.

When representing a buyer, seller, or other client as a consultant, Classic Car Consultants pledges to protect and promote the interests of its client. This obligation of absolute fidelity to the client's interests is primary, but it does not relieve Classic of its obligation to treat all parties honestly. When serving a buyer, seller, or other party in a consulting capacity, Classic's consultants remain obligated to treat all parties honestly and fairly.
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